Aesop Rock burst onto the scene in 2002 with his hugely successful album Labor Days. When the Daylight EP dropped six months later, his status as one of NY's most inspired MC's was cemented. From that moment on his music and his mystique have garnered Aesop Rock critical acclaim as well as the adoration and devotion of his fans.
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here’s my profile pic, if you want to see it close 
Sage Francis, Eyedea, Aesop Rock, and Slug 


here’s my profile pic, if you want to see it close 

Sage Francis, Eyedea, Aesop Rock, and Slug 

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Miami Advice - Kimya Dawson ft. Aesop Rock and Olympia Free Choir


look at my boo. <3


look at my boo. <3

I saw freaks with rainbow streaks in dayglo hair
a mother smackin’ the grin off her child, replaced it with a stare
a pothole, a storefront with a broken open sign
a hole in the wall bar kicking drunks to the gutter, it’s closing time
Aesop Rock - 6b Panorama (via aesoprocklyricoftheday)
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Frijoles - Aesop Rock

You’re spillin’ insignifcant frijoles.

(via thethrillofit)

If you wanna push, then I’m ready to push. But if you pulling while I’m pushing, then why did you ask me to push?

now one in the hand is worth two atop the tallest cedar, but what lies inside my heart is off the motherfucking meter

Maybe you’re just an asshole who couldn’t sweet talk a princess.


Why didn’t I start listening to Aesop Rock and Immortal Technique earlier? Start listening if you haven’t already, you have no clue what you’re missing.

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Zion I - Poems 4 Post Modern Decay ft Aesop Rock


Diabolical times of mass murder, time full of it
speak ease even conversations is nuclear
they fear when its a group of us so we roll in packs
space age patriot act, they got your phone tapped cousin
what you gon do? Don’t let fightin’ this beast make a beast outta’ you
sometimes I feel like a monster cleanin my 12 gauge
contemplating if I can murder or not, escape routes, and getaways
but the rude awakenin’ is man, they lockin’ us in cages
tellin’ us to abort our babies while they collect sperm donations
attempted depletion of a righteous nation
we got a 100 cable stations, but something is what none of ‘em are sayin’
my eyelids achin’ from bein’ open so wide, space age genocide
they can try but they can’t hide, the fact that there’s hope
my history ain’t start on no boat, chained and bound
and the beauty is found that we fall, trip, but never hit the ground..

Blockhead- Sunday Seance

Blockhead (born Anthony “Tony” Simon) is an American Hip hop producer based in Manhattan, New York. Aside from his solo efforts released on the Ninja Tune label, he is most associated with producing for Aesop Rock. He has also previously worked with rappers C-Rayz Walz,  Mac Lethal, Slug, and MURS, and is also a member of the hip hop/comedy group Party Fun Action Committee. He is the son of the late Sidney Simon, a well known sculptor in New York City.

Aesop Rock & Jeremy Fish // Tomorrow Morning  (2008)

About Jeremy Fish, Aesop Rock said: “Man that guy is my hero. We have a friend in common who hit me up a while back saying that this guy Jeremy Fish had an opportunity to pitch a cartoon to Disney and wanted me to be involved in the music side. I flipped out cuz I was also a fan of his, and owned some of his work.” Aesop Rock teamed up with Jeremy Fish again in a project called Ghosts of the Barbary Coast. Aesop Rock made a song called Tomorrow Morning, to go along with a slideshow of drawings that Jeremy Fish drew. This was displayed in San Francisco, but was also made available for download online.